Power to the People!

The Power Range at TTC

Hari Bhogaita

Having access to power is, by far the most important factor in sustaining life! Thus, we have developed a range of petrol and diesel engines to suit almost any requirement. This blog post has been written to help you understand our power range.

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Overview of Range


 An engine, fundamentally has one job, to convert chemical energy into mechanical energy - in this case, burning petrol, diesel or bio-gas to turn a shaft. The rotating shaft can then be connected to any machine that will use the mechanical energy to perform some task. Connections are made using various power transmission products - which we do stock.

When we talk of our power range we refer to the following products:

  1. Petrol Engines

  2. Diesel Engines

  3. Generators

We cater to almost all market segments in terms of the size, power output and capacity of engine/generator. These include:

  • Domestic e.g. Lawn mowers, small generating sets

  • Agricultural e.g. Water pumps, Grinders/Poshomill, Choppers etc.

  • Industrial e.g. Medium to large back up generators

Petrol Engine Range 

Portable, Versatile & Affordable

 Our petrol engines are designed to be compact and thus portable. This feature also allows them to be used for a number of applications, especially for off-grid settings like farms and road works. With mechanization and advances in technology, petrol engines are now more affordable than ever! A good quality petrol engine, like the ones we stock, can be acquired with a small investment of just  KES 9,500/-

Some of the uses of our petrol engines include:

  • Domestic & Agricultural water pumps

  • Construction Machinery e.g. Poker Vibrators

Diesel Engine Range 

Powerful, Multipurpose & Affordable

Our diesel engine range comprises of three sub ranges:

  1. Domestic Diesel Engines: Highly portable and best suited for small applications off-grid like farms and road works.

  2. TTC DI Engines: These are solid engines constructed from cast iron. They are very durable and have excellent serviceability. They are suited to off-grid work where loads are high are irregular e.g. Poshomill, Water Pumps for Irrigation etc.

  3. TTC DH Engines: This is a range of professional grade engines from the manufacturing elites like Perkins, Cummings, Deutz & Lovol. They are designed to provide consistent and reliable power for all application e.g. Generator Sets and Irrigation for Intensive/Commercial Farming.

Generators & Alternators

Power on demand!

 A generator set is an electromechanical device that uses a fuel like petrol or diesel to generate electricity. TTC has a comprehensive range for small, medium and large applications.

  1. Domestic: Petrol and Diesel Powered Sets  for homes, small offices and commercial enterprises

  2. Institutional: Diesel Powered Sets for institutes like factories, schools and entire buildings/compounds

  3. Welding: Specially designed sets for the strenuous loads of welding


Range, Service & Support

Without energy, we cannot exist! Whether you are a small farmer, large manufacturer or just someone tired of power cuts, the TTC power range has been designed to support you. That is why we say we give power to the people!

  • Range: Any size, capacity and application

  • Service: Service & Spares available

  • Support: Best & Friendliest service

Contact us to discuss your requirements or browse our products for more information.